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Our management team

The ZimProc management team is a cohesive unit, bringing together experience, competence, proven entrepreneurship and qualifications.  Our team has been structured on the basis of our business model and value chain, and illustrates the strategic direction our organisation is going.  Given that our emphasis is on product quality, customer satisfaction and staff development, our team is structured as shown below, to show importance to each aspect of our work by adequately sharing responsibility within our family:

Our PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT team comprises seasoned Business Analysts and a solid IT team.  The Analysts continually study the market trends to enable them to recommend timeous system changes that add value to the quality of our service.  The IT team constantly research the market to identify current trends and technologies which can be implemented to improve and enhance our products
Our BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT team is made up of seasoned marketers and economists, whose primary roles are to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and other stakeholders, AND to ensure a continuous supply of relevant news-feeds and the appropriate commentary and analysis of current market events.  Furthermore, the team will work closely with our support team in responding to the more technical concerns that our clients may need advice on.
The OPERATIONS & SUPPORT function manually reviews and categorises each and every tender on ZimProc to ensure that we promptly start emailing only the relevant tender notifications directly into your inbox.  Further to this, the operations team ensures timely delivery of the array of value-added services that we provide.  

Our support team are always on hand to answer your queries.  You can contact us via the various channels provided and we will respond to you the same day (within reason).
Our FINANCE AND ADMIN team handles our internal accounting, our human resources and our staff training and development concerns.

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