In this section we try to explain some of the frequently asked questions and possibly pre-empt some queries you might have regarding our organisation and our services.


Our website solves the need for a centralised, searchable database for tenders, vendor registrations, bank application forms, business registrations, company secretarial, tax compliance information. We have a simple, unique, and daily-reference website, where we provide a real service to our members by making it fast, easy and convenient to access a unique combination of typically sought after information, forms and processes.

In order to send you e-mails carrying relevant notifications, we require our members email address through the registration process. All the information posted on our website is free, however, when you request a value-added-service there is need for communication, invoicing and collection of your details, which can only be acquired via our simple registration process.

No. When registering your account, you can add as many business categories and sub-categories whose tenders your organisation is interested to receive notifications on. All registered members have access to search for any tender that is on our database. The difference is on what email notification your organisation receives automatically.

Anyone can register on our website, both individuals and companies. All members of your team can register on our site to get the procurement notifications, however, when buying the tender document, please use the company account. Meaning, that each company shall have one official company account, but any member of their team can be registered as an individual. For the purposes of purchasing the detailed tender document, it is important to buy the tender document from the account of the company / individual that intends to participate in the tender. Simply put, John Doe Enterprises cannot submit a bid against tender documents bought off Petros Manyowa’s account. The name on the receipt should match the name of the entity submitting the bid.

You can edit your online profile details via My Dashboard_ View/Edit profile. For now, the only information you cannot edit is your email address, as it is a key field or account identifier.

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Every morning, all tenders in a field matching your selected business categories and sub-categories shall be emailed to your registered email address for your attention. All registered members have access to our entire tenders’ database including live and expired tenders. You can peruse our database entirely or using the available search filter methods. Not all tenders are published in the press. Because we know this, our team shall go the extra mile, and search all the websites of procuring entities for any tenders that might be published there instead of the main stream publications.

Upon payment for your detailed tender documents we issue an invoice to your organisation. On a daily basis, we remit funds for tender documents paid for, along with a list of participating suppliers for each tender to the relevant Procuring Entity. You can be rest assured that the Procuring Entity has received your payment and is awaiting your bid. Should a Procuring Entity only accept receipts generated from their office, we shall request them to immediately issue such out the receipts to ourselves for delivery to your team within 24 hours of your payment. As an added level of assurance or security for your organisation, ZimProc is a PayNow verified merchant.

All the information provided by ZimProc is free. The only payments you shall be requested to make is for Value Added Services. E.g. when you request the ‘ZimProc Tender Document Delivery Service’, our team is selling the tender document on behalf of the Procuring Entity, therefore you will need to pay the Tender Document Fee as stated on the tender notification, and a small fixed service fee to ZimProc for the work performed.

ZimProc payments are done via the PayNow platform. As such, all customer and transaction data is adequately encrypted for security.

Yes. Publishing of adverts is a service we provide and we need the entity’s basic details to enable invoicing and account management. This information we acquire via a simple registration process.

No. Each advert banner will be in the format of an image or gif that will redirect potential clients to a specific downloadable promotional flyer or video, or to your company’s website. An advertising company will be able to switch and change adverts and/or redirect instructions as often as they want within the period paid for. Each company can book a maximum of 2 slots to allow an even spread of suppliers to promote their products or services.

At ZimProc, our intention goes beyond just placing our clients adverts on our platform. It is part of our service to work with your team in such a way that our Priority Advertising Clients actually get results. To achieve this, our service will specifically include: [a] Performance monitoring of each advert placed on our site; [b] Involvement in the advert design and specific campaign strategy with your marketing team; [c] Regular advert reviews from our members; and [d] Regular and creative advertising and brand promotion of ZimProc website and continual expansion of services and platform functionality, to promote ‘sticky traffic’.

ZimProc are able to provide you with the relevant Google Analytics Report to your team as a means of performance measurement, site traffic and relevant consumer behavior analysis.

The reason we have limited the slots, it to ensure that each priority advert gets adequate visibility during its flight period without compromising the primary purpose of the website. Our site carries 20 priority advertising slots, which will appear on most of the pages on the website. These adverts will be placed on 4 rotating slots carrying 5 adverts each. At any given time, a set of 4 banners are displayed on the page and rotate after every 5 seconds. Meaning that in a 24 hr cycle, each banner will be displayed exactly 17,280 times, and 518,400 times a month.

Yes. Publishing of tenders is a service we provide for Procuring Entities. Given that we have an account facility for tender publication, we shall need the entity’s basic details to enable invoicing and account management, including the preparation of customer statements. This information we acquire via a simple registration process.

Tender Advert Placement Cost is pegged at US$50 payable at the end of each calendar month. [Payable in ZWL at the prevailing bank rate]. Please note that the fee is payable per notification, NOT per individual tender listed on the notification. Our key value proposition is that ONE PLACEMENT IS ENOUGH. We allow flexible sizing of tender notifications at no additional cost. This means that your Procurement Management Unit does not need to worry much about limiting notification details and the use of colour on their tender notification to limit placement costs. To the contrary, we actually encourage you to make sure you have made your notification as detailed as necessary. Further to this, ZimProc shall boost low response tenders to ensure that reminders have been re-sent to suppliers to ensure a decent response rate.

As a bare minimum, as of 31 January 2020, ZimProc shall have reached out and registered ALL PRAZ registered members on its database.

ZimProc payments are done via the PayNow platform. As such, all customer and transaction data is adequately encrypted for security. Additionally, our customers can pay directly to our bank account and produce a proof of payment.

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