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Ultimately, it our intention to make ZimProc a household name in both personal and corporate procurement. Our team shall not stop developing our services until we have attained our mission to provide a complete, secure and simplified procurement and shopping platform. Further to the services already being provided, development is already underway for the services we have allowed our users to have a brief insight into.


ZimProc hosts an exhaustive database of companies and their profiles, grouped by the services or products they supply.  Further to this, ALL our suppliers are independently and objectively rated and evaluated on the basis of their size and order value they have been reasonably proven to deliver.  Our site shall carry the suppliers’ company profiles and product catalogues, should the supplier have these at hand.


ZimProc provides a service where both individuals OR corporates can submit their purchase requisitions through the relevant portals and request for quotations from a number of suppliers.  We guarantee that our valued clients will receive the quotations from best fit suppliers within 24 hours of their submission, depending on the nature of the product they request quoted. 


Some quotes require inspection, measurement and other physical review prior to issuance.


ZimProc is introducing the future of online price comparisons, which will provide the fastest, and most reliable online search engine in the country.  This awesome product, will provide the unique ability to provide you with the ability to compare products like for like.  We will help you find the perfect product at the right price, almost effortlessly.  In line with the strict acceptance policy for suppliers listed, we ensure that they are trusted, credible and reliable, the most important traits needed for an enjoyable shopping experience.

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